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July 6, 2012

What I wore


I am, like so many others, completely addicted to instagram. Well maybe not to the extent of people who have an iphone but I am working on that.

But I have a list of a bunch of people who want to follow my insta-life, but I have decided to keep it private until I can figure out how to deal with two instagram accounts. Can I even do that? Not sure.

Still here is a peek of what I am ‘graming lately.

instagram collageClockwise from the top: me hanging in the car with the kiddies. Stella & Dot stacked bracelets (Bardot Spiral, Serpent Bangle, Signature Scallop & Leather Bracelet). My kiddies goofing off in the Loews car cart, toddler topknot & our built-in bookcase renno at two different stages.

If you are a blogger, do you share everything on instagram no matter what? Or do you keep your stream only related to your blog? Do you have two accounts, one for real life and one for your blog life?