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Mommy and Me Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I will be honest I am not a cutesy mom. I don’t go out of my way to match my kids. We all have different ideas of what is cool. I mean my 6 year old could wear head to toe Elsa and be happy but I am not sure I would look that great rocking my love for Frozen at my office.

Still I can’t help but smile when the whole mommy and me thing is done right. I love the Mango Mini me lookbook and I tend to sway towards the adult looks translated to kids as opposed to the other way around.

Since Mother’s Day is coming up I thought I would give you some Mommy and Me Mother’s Day gift ideas that range from new moms, trendy moms and just plain cutie patootie moms.

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Fun Work Outfit

fun work outfit, stripe trench coat, gigi new york tote review

I am always looking for a fun work outfit. I mean we spend so much of our days at the office we might as well have fun while we are there. No need to dress in a way that makes us grumpy from the get go each morning.

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