Get ready for Camp with Stuck on You

It is hard to believe but the school year is almost over. Since my husband and I are both working full time for the first summer in 6 years my kids are going to be doing their fare share of day camps. It also means I am going to be labeling even more of their stuff to make sure that their new teachers will be aware of what stuff belongs with our family.

stuck on you write on lablels


I have talked about the labels from Stuck on You before. I regularly use the personalized stick on labels for school items and shoes. This time around I am trying out their write on labels. Continue Reading

What I wore

Eyelet and Stripes

loft eyelet stripe dress, dress with moto jacket

I picked up this dress from Loft on one of their bigger sales (it is now marked down!!). I loved the combination of eyelet and stripes. It was packed to go with me to Brazil but because I over packed it never got worn. I will share more on what I over packed and what I wish I had packed for our trip in an upcoming post.

Of course I had to style it a bit differently since it is cooler here than it was while we were away, but I really like how this turned out.  Continue Reading


Kobo Glo HD Review; Switching from Paper to e-reader

This is the summer I switch from reading 100% paper books to using an e-reader. Up until now I have been a paper book traditionalist. There was nothing like a real book, with pages that you actually turn. I hated reading on screens and the last thing I wanted to do when I work in front of a computer all day was to pick up another screen to read.

Then I was challenged to test out a Kobo Glo HD for just 1 week to see if it could change the way I feel about e-readers and make the switch.

kobo glo hd review


When I told my husband about this challenge he was committed too. We decided that we were not going to bring any print novels along with us on our recent vacation to Brazil, instead we would load up the Kobo and our iPad and only read digitally. Unfortunately the Kobo Glo HD did not arrive in time to take along with us but I was able to install the Kobo App on my iPad and use that until I could test out the device directly. Continue Reading