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The past few weeks have been a bit crazier than usual. In fact all of January went by in a bit of a blur that started with my son breaking his arm just before Christmas. Since then we have had birthdays, dog sitting, I lost my voice and so many appointments. On top of it all I was on my own at the office for the past three weeks. It was both good and bad. Good in that I was able to get through it better than I was expecting, bad in that I felt like most days I spent more time answering calls than actually getting work done. Still it is amazing how a few really productive days can make up for days that really do not go as planned. 

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Share the Love; Etsy Valentine’s gifts

While I am more of the mindset of expressing love for those who are special to you every day as opposed to saving it all up for one day, there is still something special about the theme of Valentine’s Day.

All the hearts, the red, white and pink. It can be extremely girly but maybe that is the whole point.

I found some really fun Valentine’s gifts to celebrate the season of love over on Etsy.

share the love, valentines day gifts

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Packing for the Beach

The only types of clothing that seem to be inspiring me lately are summery beach clothes. I think it is a signal of desperately needing a vacation no matter how brief. Even though it seems highly unrealistic that my husband and I will be able to get away any time soon. Still those 4 day vacations somewhere tropical are looking REALLY good right now. If I were flying off today this is what I would be packing for the beach.

packing for the beach

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